Science Dialogues - Set of Five


Science Department Set- This set of five science dialogue books is perfect for a science department in a middle or high school - one for each specific subject area in science and includes Biology 1, Chemistry, Physics, Physical Science and Earth/Space. That is 309 dialogues, with pages of how to & teacher tips included so the classroom teacher can use dialogues with students and get students more engaged in the classroom. Written by outstanding teachers, the dialogues cover many of the topics taught in a typical science class. Many of the dialogues can be used in a middle or high school classroom, and potentially used in post-secondary introductory courses to increase student engagement and enjoyment of science.


Engage your students in dialogues - They read, act, communicate and listen as they take on the role of one of the two characters in the dialogue while learning science content, issues, history and activity-based situations. Get students out of their passive mode and into a highly productive lesson using dialogues. Used in class, or used as homework or for flipped classrooms, dialogues provides outstanding student engagement!! Try it! Your students will ask for more! 

 Biology 1 - 57 dialogues, 208 pages

Chemistry - 63 dialogues, 199 pages

Physical Science - 64 dialogues, 175 pages

Physics - 67 dialogues, 198 pages

Earth/Space - 58 dialogues, 181 pages


More specific descriptions and Table of Contents for each volume can be found on the item description for that particular volume at this shopping site, or sample dialogues can be downloaded at


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Science Dialogues - Set of Five

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