Dialogues for the Physics Classroom


Dialagoues for the Physics Classroom has 67 dialogues of chemistry topics in 198 pages with how to & teacher tips included so the classroom teacher can use dialogues with students and get students more engaged in the classroom. Written by outstanding practicing physics teachers, the dialogues cover many of the topics taught in a typical physics or physical science class. Many of the dialogues can be used in a middle or high school classroom, and potentially used in post-secondary physics or physical science courses to increase student engagement and enjoyment of physic concepts.

Engage your students in dialogues - They read, act, communicate and listen as they take on the role of one of the two characters in the dialogue while learning science content, issues, history and activity-based situations. Get students out of their passive mode and into a highly productive lesson using dialogues. Used in class and for homework reading and flipped classrooms, dialogues are outstanding for student engagement!! Try it! Your students will ask for more! 


Table Of Contents

Author Biographies            


Using This Book             

Section I - Dialogue Abstracts - Finding What You Need      

Section II - Using Dialogues in the Classroom        

What Are Dialogues?           .

Using Dialogues in the Classroom - What For ?       

How To Implement Dialogues in Your Classroom      

■ Read & Act Out in Class         

■ Assign Reading as Homework        

■ Assisting Language Learners or Poor Readers - Reading &

Listening Along With mp3’s       

■ Assessing Learning - Having Students Write Dialogues    

Teacher Tips For Using Dialogues         

The Benefits of Using Dialogues in Your Classroom      

Guidelines and Suggestions for Writing Your Own Dialogues    

Section III - The Dialogues           

Unit Title of Dialogue

1 Measurement

1.1 Measure What?          

1.2 Significant Figures are NASdy        

1.3 Hockel and Ockel Discuss Density        

2 Graphing

2.1 Graph a Giraffe           

2.2 Hip and Hop Practice Graphing         

3 Linear Motion

3.1 Zip and Zap Talk Vectors: 3 + 4=5?        

3.2 Discover the Difference in Graphing Distance vs. Displacement   

3.3 Move It!             

3.4 The Instantaneous Average Speed        

3.5 Let’s Get Going           

3.6 Speed Ain’t Acceleration         

3.7 Hip and Hop Learn How to Interpret Graphs      

3.8 Hockel and Ockel Figure Out Newton’s 3rd Law      

4 Forces

4.1 May the Force Be With You!         

4.2 Simple, Simple Machines          

4.3 Problem Under Glass          

4.4 Let’s Fly Away          

4.5 I Love Letters           

4.6 Pressure Play           

5 Gravity

5.1 What Goes Up Must Come Down        

5.2 Gravity of a Situation          

5.3 Weighty and Massive Ideas About Gravity       

6 Rotational Motion & Projectile Motion

6.1 Compare and Contrast Translational and Rotational Motion    

6.2 Come Fly With Me           

7 Momentum and Impulse

7.1 Hip and Hop Get Impulsive         

7.2 Hockel and Ockel Become Impulsive        

7.3 Bowling With Newton          

7.4 12 x 1 not equal to 6 x 2          

8 Energy, Work and Power

8.1 Gasoline Versus Diesel Engines        

8.2 Roller Coasters           

8.3 Hockel and Ockel Get Energized        

9 Thermal Energy: Heat and Temperature

9.1 To Heat or Not to Heat?          

9.2 Hip and Hop Talk Temperature        

10 Gas and States of Matter

10.1 Snow on the Mountain          

10.2 Combined Gas Law          

10.3 Using Gas Law Formula to Determine Relationships Between Variables

10.4 Full of Hot Air           

10.5 Gas Has Mass           

10.6 Changing State of Matter         

10.7 Go to the Recycling Center         

11 Waves

11.1 Hockel and Ockel Learn to Wave        

11.2 Hip and Hop Talk About Waves        

11.3 A Dip in the Pool: Zip and Zap Discuss Light Waves     

12 Sound

12.1 Wha’d You Say?           

12.2 If a Tree Falls in the Forest: Zip and Zap Discuss Sound           

13 Light and Color

13.1 Hip and Hop Learn Why the Sunset Appears Red     

13.2 Color Harmony           

13.3 Wave Particle Duality of Light        

13.4 The Frosting Baster          

13.5 Color Mixing: Zig and Zag Ponder Primary Colors in Light and Pigments

14 Optics

14.1 I’ve Got My Eye on You          

15 Static Electricity

15.1 I Get a Charge Out of You         

15.2 Hockel and Ockel Learn the Shocking Truth      

16 Current Electricity

16.1 Parallel and Series Circuits: Hockel and Ockel Go With the Flow   

16.2 Battle of Currents          

16.3 Current, Voltage and Resistance, Oh My!      

16.4 The Discovery of the Battery         

17 Magnetism

17.1 Hip and Hop Talk About Magnets        

17.2 Hockel and Ockel Repel and Attract       

18 The Atom

18.1 History of the Atom: A Conversation Between Democritus and Schrödinger .

18.2 Learn About the Atom         

18.3 Atom Smashers           

19 Nuclear Physics

19.1 Discovery of Radioactivity; Henri Becquerel      

19.2 Learn About Radioactivity         

20 Quantum Theory and Relativity

20.1 Time Travel Part 1          

20.2 Time Travel Part 2          

21 Creative Controversy

21.1 Pip and Pep: Conversations Concerning Creative Controversy   

Section IV - Science Dialogues & Teacher Decision-Making     


For more information and samples of dialogues see www.moosemosspress.com


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Dialogues for the Physics Classroom

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