Dialogues for the English Classroom - Volume 1

Dialagoues for the English Classroom Volume 1 has 48 dialogues of US history topics in 200 pages with how to & teacher tips included so the classroom teacher can use dialogues with students and get students more engaged in the classroom. Written by outstanding practicing english teachers, the dialogues cover many of the topics taught in a typical english class. Many of the dialogues can be used in a middle or high school classroom, and potentially used in post-secondary courses to increase student engagement and enjoyment of english.

Engage your students in dialogues - They read, act, communicate and listen as they take on the role of one of the two characters in the dialogue while learning english content and practice writing and communication skills. Get students out of their passive mode and into a highly productive lesson using dialogues. Outstanding student engagement!! Try it! Your students will ask for more! 


Table of Contents

Author Biographies           


Cast of Characters           

Section I - Dialogue Abstracts - Finding What You Need     

Section II - Using Dialogues in the Classroom       

What Are Dialogues?          

Using Dialogues in the Classroom - What For?      

How To Implement Dialogues in Your Classroom     

Read and Act Out in Class        

Assigned As Reading Homework       

Listening and Reading Along With mp3’s     

Students Create Dialogues as An Assessment     

Tips For Using Dialogues         

The Benefits of Using Dialogues in Your Classroom     

Guidelines and Suggestions for Writing Your Own Dialogues     

Section III - The Dialogues

Unit 1 Grammar and Punctuation

1.1 Adjective           

1.2 Apostrophe          

1.3 Colon           

1.4 Comma Used in a Series        

1.5 Comma With Introductory Phrase       

1.6 Comma and Conjunction        

1.7 Exclamation Mark         

1.8 Noun           

1.9 Parenthesis          

1.10 Pronoun           

1.11 Question Mark          

1.12 Quotation Marks         

1.13 Semicolon          

1.14 Sentence and Period         

1.15 Verb           

2.0 Figurative Language

2.1 Alliteration          

2.2 Alliteration (student written example)      

2.3 Allusion           

2.4 Assonance          

2.5 Consonance          

2.6 Euphony and Cacophony        

2.7 Hyperbole          

2.8 Irony           

2.9 Metaphor and Simile         

2.10 Motif           

2.11 Onomatopoeia          

2.12 Parallelism          

2.13 Personification          

Unit 3 Literary Terms

3.1 Dynamic Versus Static Characters       

3.2 Fiction and Non-Fiction        

3.3 Flashback          

3.4 Foreshadowing          

3.5 Mood           

3.6 Symbolism          

3.7 Tone           

3.8 Plot and Conflict          

3.9 Dramatic Structure         

3.10 Exposition and Inciting Incident       

3.11 Rising Action and Climax        

3.12 Falling Action and Resolution       

Unit 4 Writing Terms

4.1 Audience           

4.2 Objective Versus Subjective        

4.3 Paraphrase          

4.4 Point of View          

4.5 Setting           

4.6 Slang           

4.7 Transitional Words         

4.8 Voice           

Section IV Pre-dialogue Activities   


For more information about books from Moose Moss Press and sample dialogues go to www.moosemosspress.com    


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Dialogues for the English Classroom - Volume 1

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