Dialogues for the Earth Science Classroom


Dialagoues for the Earth Science Classroom has 58 dialogues of chemistry topics in 181 pages with how to & teacher tips included so the classroom teacher can use dialogues with students and get students more engaged in the classroom. Written by outstanding practicing earth science teachers, the dialogues cover many of the topics taught in a typical earth science class. Many of the dialogues can be used in a middle or high school classroom, and potentially used in post-secondary courses to increase student engagement and enjoyment of earth science, astronomy, and meterology.

Engage your students in dialogues - They read, act, communicate and listen as they take on the role of one of the two characters in the dialogue while learning science content, issues, history and activity-based situations. Get students out of their passive mode and into a highly productive lesson using dialogues. Outstanding student engagement!! Used in class, and for homework reading or flipped classrooms. Try it! Your students will ask for more! 


Table Of Contents

Author Biographies             


Using This Book             

Section I - Dialogue Abstracts - Finding What You Need      

Section II - Using Dialogues in the Classroom        

What are Dialogues?           

Using Dialogues in the Classroom - What For ?       

How to Implement Dialogues in Your Classroom      

     ■ Read & Act Out in Class         

     ■ Assign Reading as Homework        

     ■ Assisting Language Learners or Poor Readers - Reading &

        Listening Along With mp3’s       

     ■ Assessing Learning - Having Students Write Dialogues         

Teacher Tips for Using Dialogues         

The Benefits of Using Dialogues in Your Classroom      

Guidelines and Suggestions for Writing Your Own Dialogues        

Section III - The Dialogues

1. Thinking Like A Geologist

1.1 What Geologists Study        

1.2 A Track Record in Reverse       

1.3 A Scientific Upheaval         

1.4 I See the Same But I Don’t Think the Same     

1.5 In Order Please         

1.6 Round and Round the Carbon Goes, and Where it Stops May

Determine Our Future        

1.7 Studying the Rocks         

2. Rocks and Minerals

2.1 Minerals and Cleavage        

2.2 Relative Hardness: How Soft is Soft ?      

2.3 A Symbol of Our Love         

2.4 Rocky’s Rocks and Minerals        

2.5 Colorful Crystals Big and Small       

2.6 Rock On!          

2.7 The Ultimate Question…Where Did I Come From?   

2.8 Holding it Up: Bridge Foundations       

2.9 Hot Bodies: How Minerals Differentiate in Cooling Magma       

3. Fossils

3.1 Finding Fossils: What Can We Learn from “Reading the Rocks?"

3.2 Fossil Formation          

3.3 Fossil Hunting          

3.4 Fossils and Dragons         

4. Earthquakes and Volcanoes

4.1 Hawaiian Vacation Part I: Piles of Pahoehoe     

4.2 Hawaiian Vacation Part II: Aaaaaaaaaaa     

4.3 Amber and Opal Learn About Pahoehoe, Aa, and PillowLava  

5.0 Plate Tectonics

5.1 “Marginal” Evidence for Plate Tectonics      

5.2 Plate Tectonic Evidence: Magnets in the Rocks    

5.3 Plate Tectonics: The Mechanism       

5.4 Plate Tectonics and the Notion of a Scientific Theory   

5.5 Rumble, Rattle and Wriggle with the Rocks     

6. Water and the Atmosphere

6.1 Water Ya Know?: A Play in One Act      

6.2 The Pressure is On! Is the Bottle Better?     

6.3 Cold Fronts          

6.4 Groundwater, Cows, Bacteria, and Horror Movies    

6.5 Follow the Carbon         

6.6 Heat Storage          

6.7 In and Out          

6.8 Keeping it Even          

6.9 Wherever the Wind Blows        

7. Oceanography

7.1 A Salty Solution          

7.2 Finding the Bottom         

7.3 The Shape of the Floor         

7.4 What is Under the Ocean Water?       

7.5 Waterworld Could Have Been a Reality      

7.6 Ride the Surface Current        

7.7 Ride the Waves          

7.8 Salty Versus Fresh         

7.9 Ocean Temperatures         

7.10 Only One Ocean         

8. Surface Processes

8.1 Evidence for Glaciers: A Mile of Ice Makes Gardening Difficult  

8.2 Forever and Ever…or at Least Until the End of Summer   

8.3 I am Freezing: Formation of a Glacier      

8.4 The Rocky Story of Soil Formation      

8.5 You Win Some You Lose Some, or a Game of Sediment Hide      

9. Space Science

9.1 Gas Giant           

9.2 Love, Stars, and the Power of Metaphors     

9.3 Silly Ideas, Bad Explanations and Other Things I Knew to be True

10. Maps

10.1 From Here to There the Easy Way       

11. Student Example Dialogues

11.1 Classifying Rocks         

11.2 The Rock Cycle's Effect on a Young Rock's Life    

Section IV - Science Dialogues & Teacher Decision-Making     



For more information about book from Moose Moss Press and sample dialogues go to www.moosemosspress.com/science.html


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Dialogues for the Earth Science Classroom

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