Dialogues for the Chemistry Classroom


Dialagoues for the Chemistry Classroom has 63 dialogues of chemistry topics in 199 pages with how to & teacher tips included so the classroom teacher can use dialogues with students and get students more engaged in the classroom. Written by outstanding practicing chemistry teachers, the dialogues cover many of the topics taught in a typical chemistry class. Many of the dialogues can be used in a middle or high school classroom, and potentially used in post-secondary chemistry courses to increase student engagement and enjoyment of chemistry.

Engage your students in dialogues - They read, act, communicate and listen as they take on the role of one of the two characters in the dialogue while learning science content, issues, history and activity-based situations. Get students out of their passive mode and into a highly productive lesson using dialogues. Outstanding student engagement!! Try it! Your students will ask for more! 

Table of Contents
Using This Book 
Section I - Dialogue Abstracts - Finding What You Need
Section II - Using Dialogues in the Classroom
What Are Dialogues?
Using Dialogues in the Classroom - What For ?
How To Implement Dialogues in Your Classroom
■ Read & Act Out in Class
■ Assign Reading as Homework
■ Assisting Language Learners or Poor Readers - Reading &
  Listening Along With mp3's
■ Assessing Learning - Having Students Write Dialogues
Teacher Tips For Using Dialogues
The Benefits of Using Dialogues in Your Classroom
Guidelines and Suggestions for Writi ng Your Own Dialogues
Section III - The Dialogues
1 Measurement and Lab Safety
1.1 Skip and Chip Do Something Signifi cant - Part 1
1.2 Skip and Chip Do Something Signifi cant - Part 2
1.3 Jib and Jab Talk Lab Practi ces To Improve Their Game
1.4 In Da Lab With Whiz and Bang
2 Matter
2.1 Reaction Trip to Property Park With Whiz and Bang
2.2 Mass Versus Weight
2.3 The Changing State Of Matter
2.4 Gases Have Masses
2.5 Identifying Heterogeneous vs Homogeneous
2.6 Ice Formation On Lakes
2.7 Skip and Chip: Put your Tongue on the Flagpole?
2.8 Water Surface Tension
3 Atomic Structure
3.1 Skip and Chip Are Professional Atom Talkers
3.2 Skip and Chip Try Some Modeling
4 Periodic Table
4.1 Elementown
4.2 Biff and Baff Calculate Mass - What?
5 Chemical Formulas - Nomenclature
5.1 Jib and Jab Offer Tips For Naming Formulas
5.2 Jib and Jab Encounter the Acid Wash
5.3 Jib and Jab Find the Formula
6 The Mole
6.1 Zip and Zap Converse About Avogadro’s Number
6.2 Whiz and Bang Marvel at Moles
6.3 Riff and Raff and the Perfect Percent Composition of Pizza
6.4 Itsy and Bitsy Count on Empirical Formulas
7 Chemical Reactions
7.1 Skip and Chip Keep Their Distance
7.2 Single vs Double Replacement Reactions - The Sherry Jinger Show
8 Stoichiometry
8.1 Riff and Raff Get Stoiched About Stoichiometry
8.2 Criss and Cross Get Limited By Their Reagents
8.3 Counting Atoms in a Balanced Equation
8.4 The Why to Stoichiometry: An Enlightening Experience
9 Chemical Bonding
9.1 Let’s Get Romantic
10 Molecular Structure
10.1 Riff and Raff Clean Up the Difference Between Ionic and Molecular
10.2 Ying and Yang Fill Their Orbitals
10.3 Biff and Buff Discuss Ion Formation - Part 1
10.4 Ion Formation - How Does It Lose An Electron? - Part 2
11 Gas Laws
11.1 Jib and Jab - Full of Hot Air?
11.2 Gas Laws and How A Straw Works
11.3 Tiff and Tuff - Recycling Center and Dangers of Compressed Gases
11.4 Using the Gas Laws Formula: Determining Relationships Among Variables
11.5 Combined Gas Law Conference
12 Solutions and Colloids
12.1 Skip and Chip Talk About Solutions, Suspensions and Colloids
12.2 Jib Waters Down the Fun
12.3 Riff and Raff Get Saturated
12.4 Solutions, Suspensions and Colloids
12.5 Concentrations - Why So Many Differenet Types?
12.6 Riff and Raff Get Creative with Colligative
13 Reaction Rates and Chemical Equilibrium
13.1 Riff and Raff Find Their Equilibrium
14 Thermodynamics
14.1 Zip and Zap Argue Over Entropy
15 Acids and Bases
15.1 Strengths of Acids and Bases
15.2 Acids, Bases and Salts - Oh My!
15.3 Acids In Our Body and Beyond
15.4 Quick! Get the Base!
15.5 Riff and Raff Get Titrated
15.6 Acid/Base - Strength vs. Corrosiveness
16 Oxidation and Reduction
16.1 Zip and Zap Sport Spontaneous
17 Nuclear Chemistry
17.1 Quinn and Finn Nuke Some Snacks
18 Organic Chemistry
18.1 Whiz and Bang Sing About Functional Groups
18.2 That’s Not Plastic, It’s a Polymer!
18.3 VOC’s Take Over the Library
19 Chemistry Literacy in Today’s World
19.1 Skip and Chip Contemplate Alternative Fuels
19.2 Ban Chemicals Now!
19.3 Catching More Fish Than Mercury
20 Student Generated Dialogues
20.1 Bryce and Michel Muse About Molar Mass
20.2 What’s So Wondrous About Water?
Section IV - Science Dialogues & Teacher Decision-Making


For more information and sample dialogues see www.moosemosspress.com/science.html


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Dialogues for the Chemistry Classroom

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