Dialogues for the Biology Classroom


Dialogues for the Biology Classroom has 57 dialogues biology and life science topics in 208 pages with how to & teacher tips included so the classroom teacher can use dialogues with students and get students more engaged in the classroom. Written by outstanding practicing biology teachers, the dialogues cover many of the topics taught in a typical biology and life science class. Many of the dialogues can be used in a middle or high school classroom, and potentially used in college biology courses to increase student engagement and enjoyment of biology.

Engage your students in dialogues - They read, act, communicate and listen as they take on the role of one of the two characters in the dialogue while learning science content, issues, history and activity-based situations. Get students out of their passive mode and into a highly productive lesson using dialogues. Great for in class activities, or for homework reading, or flipped classrooms. Outstanding student engagement!! Try it! Your students will ask for more!  


Table Of Contents

Author Biographies                     


Section I  - Dialogue Abstracts - Finding What You Need   

Section II - Science Dialogues & the Teacher Decision-Making Framework   

Section III - Using Dialogues in the Classroom             

What Are Dialogues?                   

Using Dialogues in the Classroom - What For ?             

How To Implement Dialogues in Your Classroom           

Read & Act Out in Class                 

Assign Reading as Homework                 

Assisting Language Learners or Poor

    Readers - Reading & Listening Along With mp3’s              

Assessing Learning - Having Students Write Dialogues   

Teacher Tips For Using Dialogues                   

The Benefits of Using Dialogues in Your Classroom           

Guidelines and Suggestions for Writing Your Own Dialogues       

Section IV - The Dialogues                   

Unit     Title of Dialogue                                                        

1          An Introduction to Biology 

1.1 Pip and Pep Discuss The Finer Points of Dialogues         

1.2 Pip and Pep Begin Biology: An Introduction to Dialogues   

1.3 Riff and Raff and the Meaning of Life              

2          Research and Science          

2.1 Pip and Pep Analyze Statistics               

2.2 Hip and Hop Do Research                  

3          Chemistry of Life     

3.1 B&B Contemplate Life   

3.2 Water Ya Know                      

3.3 Democritus and His Dog – What is “Stuff” Made of?       

3.4 Pip and Pep Converse About Chemistry           

3.5 B&B Ardently Analyze Atoms               

3.6 Pip and Pep Contemplate Enzymes                 

4          Cells   

4.1 Wei and Noé at the Movies                  

4.2 As the Cell Divides: A Cell Cycle Drama                         

4.3 The Life and Divide of Cells                 

4.4 Pip and Pep Discuss the Snail - Elodea Lab          

4.5 Wei and Noé Contemplate Floppy Carrots            

4.6 Cell Organelle Project – Activity and Rubric    

 5          Genetics         

5.1 Wei and Noé Discuss DNA                  

5.2 Riff and Raff Find (Gene) Expression                              

5.3 Bing and Bong and the Elusive Epigenome   

5.4 The Mysterious Case of Puerperal Fever: A Historical Dialogue     

5.5 Pip and Pep Discuss DNA, Cookbooks and Analogies   

5.6a  DNA Replication Activity                  

5.6b  B&B Discuss DNA Replication and Activity         

5.7 Wei and Noé Dissect DNA                 

5.8 Wei and Noé Discuss Meiosis               

6          Classification and Evolution           

6.1 Wei and Noé Discuss the Science of Classification   

6.2 Pip Helps Pep’s Thinking Stretch              

6.3 Pip and Pep Meet a Mythical Creature                

6.4 Amazing History of Taxonomy                  

7          Microbiology

7.1 Hip and Hop Catch Up On Viruses                

7.2 Pip and Pep Talk About Sex!!                 

7.3 Wei and Noé: Night of the Living Prions             

7.4 Wei and Noé: Prions The Sequel         

8          Plants 

8.1 Pip and Pep Admire the Festive Fall Foliage               

8.2 Zip and Zap Look at Leaves – Part 1                    

8.3 Zip and Zap Still Looking at Leaves – Part 2              

8.4 Wei and Noé Search for Buried Treasure                        

8.5 Wei and Noé Talk About Separation                  

8.6 It’s a Seedy Business                    

9          The Human Body     

9.1 Your Epidermis is Showing!                 

9.2 I Vant to Suck Your Blood                  

9.3 Hip and Hop Love Them Hot Wings                  

9.4 Romance is Gone                         

9.5 Zip and Zap Tour The Alimentary Canal              

9.6 Ehh and Pee: Measurement in Science               

9.7 Hip and Hop Develop Muscles and More Muscles           

9.8 Zip and Zap: An Antagonistic Pair                 

9.9 Pip and Pep Ponder Boogers and Breathing, Form and Function      

10        Ecology          

10.1 Wei and Noé Discover the Prairie                        

10.2 Pip and Pep and The Tragedy of the Commons          

10.3 Zip and Zap in a Showdown               

10.4 B&B Discuss Patterns of Populations               

10.5 Pip and Pep Predict Populations                   

10.6 Hip and Hop Enjoy Cycling  

11        Miscellaneous

11.1 Pip and Pep Go to Open House               

11.2 Pip and Pep Conversations Concerning Creative Controversy      



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Dialogues for the Biology Classroom

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