Crew 66: Health Education Dialogues: Teacher Set 1
The Crew 66: Health Education Dialogues: Teacher Set consists of the Student Edition, Teacher Edition on CD, Teacher Edition Book, and Poster Set. This set provides all the materials needed to implement lessons within the Crew 66 book. The CD has printable masters for the performance-based assessments. Health literacy is the capacity of the individual to identify, examine, critically evaluate, and apply health knowledge and skills for the purpose of adopting and maintaining health enhancing attitudes and beliefs to make health-enhancing decisions for the purpose of overall wellness. It is the overarching goal of this volume to help students achieve health literacy.  There are eight Units contained within Crew 66: Health Education Dialogues for Middle School Students. Each Unit features a character whose special ability is to teach the specific Health Education Standard. The eight Units and characters are: Unit 1 Functional Health Knowledge featuring Koy Unit 2 Analyzing Influences featuring Rumor Unit 3 Accessing Valid Health Information featuring Blip Unit 4 Communication featuring Claire Voyant Unit 5 Decision Making featuring Spur Unit 6 Goal Setting featuring Puck Unit 7 Self Management featuring Tranquility Unit 8 Advocacy featuring Fandango Unit Outline - Each Unit contains five dialogues for a total of 40 individual dialogues in the book. Each Unit contains a Unit Outline that provides the following key ideas: * Brief Description of the Dialogue * National Health Education Standard * Grade Level Performance Indicator * Health Education Topic Area * HECAT Healthy Behavior Outcomes * Common Core Writing Standards * Health Education and Other Terms Additional Considerations - The National Health Education Standards, the Common Core Standards, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Priority Topic Areas were utilized when writing this book. All 8 NHES were used as well as the English Language Arts Common Core Standards of Writing, Reading, Language, and Speaking & Listening. Additionally a range of Health Education priority Topic Areas as established by the CDC for Health Educators were used. Additionally, given the recent attention to environmental health issues as it relates to personal health as well as the focus on improved consumer literacy in Healthy People 2010, the author elected to add Environmental Health and Consumer Health as Topic Areas. Therefore, the Topic Areas included within this volume are: * Alcohol and Other Drugs * Healthy Eating * Mental and Emotional Health * Personal Health and Wellness * Physical Activity * Safety * Sexual Health * Tobacco Use * Environmental Health * Consumer Health Some of the dialogues represent long-standing challenges for Health Educators such as addressing tobacco and alcohol use, whereas other dialogues represent new challenges for Health Educators such as sexting, cyber bullying, sedentary lifestyles due to excessive screen time, pro-social behaviors at athletic events, living in a fast food culture, and Health Education information literacy in an age of digital learning. Many of the dialogues include modern references to texting, cellular telephones, computers, social networking websites, and screen time.
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Crew 66: Health Education Dialogues: Teacher Set 1

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